Home workout program for men

Home workout program for men

How to start workout program at home

How to start workout program at home

Building muscle and burning fat in a well-equipped gym is easier and faster, but not everyone has the opportunity to attend training, pay for a personal trainer, and not have time to travel. By following the rules of exercises for men at home, you can achieve success at home.

You must first decide on the goal: to burn excess fat, build muscle, increase endurance, or stay in good shape. The intensity of training depends on the desired result. Start exercising 3 times a week, be sure to warm up and stretch at the end of the workout. The workload should be increased gradually so as not to lose development progress.

For beginners and people who do not exercise for a long time, it is important not to overload the body. Too fast a pace and intense exercise can cause injury. The ligaments will only gradually acquire the proper elasticity and strength. Exercising for overweight men at home is the best option to complement with warm-up.

Example of warm-up exercises:

  • do any cardio exercises – it is possible to run, jump rope, train on a stationary bike;
  • squats with wide legs are suitable;
  • stretching exercises relieve muscle pain after training: side torso, twists.

Start with the usual squats, push-ups. To increase the effect, use weights; this will help the muscles pump better. You can increase and decrease the distance between your arms when doing push-ups. It is recommended to do the exercise 3 times. When training the press, it is appropriate to turn the body towards the knees.

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You can conduct classes at home without equipment and with small dumbbells, parallel bars, horizontal bars on the street.

Tips for workout at home for men

Tips for workout at home for men

Before you start training, you need to make an exercise plan. Determine how many days a week you dedicate to intense exercise and cardio. The best time for sports activities is in the morning or in the afternoon. It is easier to organize the program during the day: the first day of exercises for the shoulders, the second – for the legs. Combining different muscle groups on the same day is not recommended. This reduces muscular endurance and causes rapid fatigue.

To make your home workout program for men more effective, follow these rules:

  1. A place to exercise. Free up space in the training room, remove excess furniture. Allocate space for inventory, put the rug on the floor.
  2. Clothes. Many people think that form is not a mandatory attribute of teaching. Comfortable clothing does not interfere with movement, and shoes protect the feet from injuries and bumps.
  3. Playlist. As practice shows, music helps you focus on the goal. My favorite music will be the motivation for sports achievements.

5 tips for home workouts

  • Eat breakfast early. Exercising on an empty or full stomach will ruin your workout at first. To avoid this, choose foods rich in protein and simple carbohydrates just before training. For more information on what to eat before and after school, please read the link.
  • Calendar. Decide in advance what exercises to do. Get the websites, photos, or video tutorials you need. And in order not to waste precious time, choose the right clothes in advance and make a list of fitness songs.
  • Do not rush. Since you have chosen exercises at home, you need to do each exercise carefully and be lazy to repeat them again.
  • Combine loads. Train different types of muscles by performing a complex of strength exercises, cardio exercises and stretching. Due to the variety, you can also change different exercises throughout the week.
  • Keep a blog. List not only the errors but also their causes. For example, you didn’t finish the last set. Why? If it was difficult or uninteresting, replace this exercise with another.
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Week workout program for men

Week workout program for men

The first day begins with the warm-up. Suitable for running, jumping rope, 50 jumps on two legs, 15 squats. Tilting the boot in different directions allows the joints to engage. It is understood that all exercises must be repeated 4 times. And at the end of training you have to stretch. Exercise: 25 push-ups, 30 squats, standing on a cane for 20 seconds, turning the body on the knees 15 times.

The second day is dedicated to cardio exercises. You can run, ride a bike, play sports on the treadmill. This is a no-iron workout for men at home.

On the third day, classes begin with a warm-up. Repeat each exercise 4 times. We repeat the same exercises as the first day. Hold up the sign for up to 1 minute. Burps are added instead of twists. This exercise is performed according to this scheme: sit down, take a push-up position, push-ups, get up for a jump. Suitable for back and arms. There are no classes on the fourth day.

Exercises on the fifth day: 25 push-ups, 20 squats, 1 minute on the plank. To pump the press, focus on lying down, bend your legs alternately, bend your knees to your chest. This is done at a certain pace to feel the muscles. The sixth day is a walk in the fresh air, at least an hour.

Seventh: repeat all the exercises from the first day.
Effective foot training for men at home includes proper squats. The legs should be wide apart, focus on the heel. The tension is felt in the legs and buttocks during the exercise. That means the muscle is working.

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Home classes are for everyone, if you follow the rules and learn to beat laziness, learn to take the time to do it. When necessary, they gear up for more serious training or just turn into daily indulgence.